If your organization has a podcast or is thinking of starting one, it’s becoming more apparent that you should be integrating video components into your show. The data suggests you could already miss out on a large audience if you aren’t using video.

There is a substantial, reachable audience in channels that support video. YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok all offer opportunities for branded podcasts to reach new listeners.

As Tom Webster at Sounds Profitable points out, YouTube is one of the most popular destinations for people who love music. Even though YouTube is primarily a video platform, these people are there to listen, not watch. Listening to podcasts is an easy transition for them.

YouTube is, of course, the largest content search engine in the world, so including your branded podcast in YouTube search results should be an SEO priority. Its discovery algorithms and seamless delivery of recommendations can also help your show reach new listeners powerfully and organically.


Recent audience surveys indicate that listeners are turning to YouTube nearly as much as Apple Podcasts and Spotify to listen to podcasts. You miss out on those listeners if you only distribute to the others.

Of course, Instagram and TikTok are extremely popular social media channels where great videos can help grow your podcast audience as well. In a recent Riverside survey of brands producing podcasts, 28% of respondents said Instagram or TikTok generated the most new audience members for their shows. In total, 44% of respondents credited a video-only platform, either YouTube or TikTok, with generating the most new listeners.

Adding video can increase the cost and effort required to produce your branded podcast, but it doesn’t have to be onerous. Most branded podcasts are recorded remotely on platforms that record video as well, so no extra technology is needed for recording. Editing video can be time-consuming, but a well-produced podcast with talented hosts and guests shouldn’t require much editing.

You may also choose not to release your entire episode as a video. A five-minute video on YouTube comprising the key moments from an episode and several 30- to 60-second clips for Instagram and TikTok might be just enough to attract new listeners who might never find your show any other way.If you’d like to know more about how video can help grow your branded podcast, Voxtopica has your answers. Click here to speak with one of our experts.