Our team has been helping public officials, businesses, and non-profit organizations communicate key messages to critical audiences for more than 30 years.


Our experts have unparalleled training in audio engineering and production, which is why our clients’ podcasts have been downloaded more than three million times since 2019.


Our production processes have been honed over nearly a decade in this business, ensuring we produce high-quality, cost-effective, audience-engaging podcast content every time.


Richard Fawal


Richard is a 30-year veteran of policy, business, and non-profit communications. He’s worked with clients including the US Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Clinic, Kellogg’s, and the American Medical Association to expand consumer communication in support of government affairs and marketing missions.

Richard developed and launched the Brookings Podcast Network at The Brookings Institution in 2015, and he’s been helping organizations make great podcasts ever since.

Ismael Balderas Wong

Chief Engineer

Born in Mexico City, Ish and his family moved to the Washington, DC area when he was five. From an early age he had a passion for music, which led him to playing the trumpet in the D.C. Youth Orchestra and then the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received his degree in Electronic Production and Sound design.

Ish has worked in studios from LA to NYC, as well as two years overseas, producing podcasts and music that create stories and experiences to delight audiences.

Kayte VanScoy

Editor In Chief

Kayte VanScoy is an ink-stained wretch who got her start as a public policy reporter and host of an AM political talk show. She has held a mic on the VMA red carpet, written magazine cover stories, and appeared on CNN, NBC, A&E, CourtTV, and ID. In 2005, she started an educational content company that made several hundred textbooks and e-learning courses. Along the way, she also built content marketing for Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Intuit. As both listener and creator, audio is Kayte’s abiding obsession.

Laura Krebs

Production Leader

Laura loves podcasts, and she’s passionate about developing innovative, efficient production processes that are the backbone of the high-quality, cost-effective podcasts Voxtopica produces.

When she isn’t helping clients navigate all aspects of recording, editing, distributing, and promoting their shows, you can find her taking care of her two children, playing Bingo, or watching football.

Lauren Thurman

Marketing Director

Lauren has more than a decade of experience marketing across a wide range of channels — traditional and digital — so she understands the unique marketing challenges and opportunities of podcasting. 

Her strategic, creative, results-focused approach to driving downloads ensures clients use the right channels, in the right way, to bring their podcasts to audiences everywhere.

Andrew Lihn

Production Assistant

Andrew is an eager individual from the heart of Silicon Valley. Having lived his entire life in the age of the internet, Andrew is quick to scour the web for any information required for his research. 

In his free time, he likes to find new things to learn, play video games, and go out for runs.

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