Our team has been helping public officials, businesses, and non-profit organizations communicate key messages to critical audiences for more than 30 years.


Our experts have unparalleled training in audio engineering and production, which is why our clients’ podcasts have been downloaded more than three million times since 2019.


Our production processes have been honed over nearly a decade in this business, ensuring we produce high-quality, cost-effective, audience-engaging podcast content every time.


Richard Fawal


Richard is a 30-year veteran of policy, business, and non-profit communications. He’s worked with clients including the US Chamber of Commerce, Mayo Clinic, Kellogg’s, and the American Medical Association to expand consumer communication in support of government affairs and marketing missions.

Richard developed and launched the Brookings Podcast Network at The Brookings Institution in 2015, and he’s been helping organizations make great podcasts ever since.

Ismael Balderas Wong

Chief Engineer

Born in Mexico City, Ish and his family moved to the Washington, DC area when he was five. From an early age he had a passion for music, which led him to playing the trumpet in the D.C. Youth Orchestra and then the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received his degree in Electronic Production and Sound design.

Ish has worked in studios from LA to NYC, as well as two years overseas, producing podcasts and music that create stories and experiences to delight audiences.

Laura Krebs

Senior Producer

Laura loves podcasts, and she’s passionate about developing innovative, efficient production processes that are the backbone of the high-quality, cost-effective podcasts Voxtopica produces.

When she isn’t helping clients navigate all aspects of recording, editing, distributing, and promoting their shows, you can find her taking care of her two children, playing Bingo, or watching football.

Louisa Hallett

Marketing Manager

Louisa is an avid believer in innovative and creative ideas that set organizations apart. One of her personal favorite? Podcasting! Coming from an educational and professional background in Communications and Public Affairs, Louisa has experience in public relations, B2B marketing, and strategic communications planning.

On the weekends, you can find Louisa trying out new recipes and spending time with her family and friends.

Cassidy Butler


Cassidy is a writer looking to uncover the everyday stories before us. Cassidy specializes in non-fiction storytelling with experience in writing broadcast news scripts and journalistic feature stories. She earned her degree in Media Arts & Design from James Madison University.

When she’s not writing copy and narration for Voxtopica, you can find Cassidy photographing food and landscapes, ending each day with good music and delicious eats.

Andrew Lihn

Production Assistant

Andrew is an eager individual from the heart of Silicon Valley. Having lived his entire life in the age of the internet, Andrew is quick to scour the web for any information required for his research. 

In his free time, he likes to find new things to learn, play video games, and go out for runs.

Alya Fawal

Production Assistant

Alya loves podcasts, and is dedicated to helping Voxtopica produce the best possible podcasts for all of our clients. Currently pursuing a degree in History, she is skilled in research and data collection and strives to use those skills to the best of her ability in all her work.

When not researching for clients or school, she enjoys spending time with her pets, baking, and going for hikes.

Reese Clutter


A recent addition to the DMV area, Reese Clutter is a young go-getter from the great state of Ohio. Graduating from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, he majored in Music Production and Audio Engineering with a minor in Marketing. During his time there he developed a passion for Podcasting, voiceover work, and producing for musical acts while also working a multitude of positions for the student radio station as well as the university IT department.

When not in the office Reese can be found recording or mixing music, finding a great recipe to try out, or getting some quality outside time.

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