Nobody wants to be left behind. And with today’s digital media, getting left behind is unfortunately all too easy, especially with podcasting.

Last month, we learned the podcasts are here to stay and the industry is rapidly changing. New developments and platforms are erupting into the scene everyday; platforms like Clubhouse, which left many podcasters wondering if this new audio platform would replace podcasts. (Good news, it won’t.)

If you want your podcast to grow, you have to know where the industry is heading.

Heed the warnings of Kodak. You may know the story, Kodak led in its industry for decades. But when the industry started shifting towards streaming and digital, they failed to move and adapt with it. Where are they now? They eventually filed for bankruptcy, and their empire dwindled away. Stay behind the industry’s evolution too long and you might miss the fact that Apple is making major changes to its platform, something that affects every podcast.

Innovation matters for the life of your podcast, even long after you stop recording. It’s critical to know what platforms are shifting, and what better tools are developed to help expand your reach.

While it’s no simple task, we’ll sure exactly why and how you can stay ahead.

As With All News, You Need A Credible Source.

If you’re a subject matter expert and have podcast, you have to spend most of your time keeping up with your industry. So how can you also learn what data actually matters for your podcast? Or that Spotify is rolling out Top Podcasts Charts, a feature that could present your show with nw marketing and distributing opportunities?

One Google search for “podcast news” will leave your head swimming in a sea of hundreds of articles and newsletters that share the latest developments. Sifting through those articles trying to discern what’s reliable and what’s hype takes time, specifically time you may not have.

You need a source that will tell you what you need to know and why you need to know it, without wasting your time.

There are so many newsletters that deliver podcast news, but most of these are geared for large general public audiences. Public affairs and subject matter expert podcasts don’t follow the same rules as entertainment and true crime shows. General podcast news is quick to jump on Joe Rogan’s drama with Spotify, which may be interesting…but may not be as relevant for your audience as is NPR figuring out how to localize podcasts. (Especially game-changing for national associations with several local chapters.) And while these technical developments are important, your podcast will flourish if you are aware of though-provoking concepts that will make your podcast better, such as learning the most important relationship in your podcast ecosystem.

It’s critical to know what trends and developments matter most for your specific genre. It allows you to stay ahead of your competitors because you read the articles and have thought ahead of when and how you will progress forward, perhaps produce “exclusive” content.

We developed a tool to deliver that.

The #1 Tool We Recommend Most.

We want to prevent you from the potential headaches of sifting through hundreds of irrelevant podcast articles. So, we created The Feed.

The Feed is a newsletter with articles curated specifically for subject matter experts and those in public affairs with podcasts. With The Feed, you don’t have to read through hundreds of articles discerning which ones are most relevant to your podcast’s genre and target audience.

We deliver the news straight to your inbox; the most relevant news and updates that can guide your podcast to adapt with the industry’s daily evolution.

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