We help subject matter experts make great podcasts.

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Your Goals

Communicate key messages to stakeholders, influencers, and the public through engaging, entertaining content.

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Your Voice

Develop an authentic, persona aligned with your values and priorities that is an authoritative voice in the community.

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Your Audience

Create an active, growing community of listeners who are informed, empowered, and delighted with your podcast.

What our clients say about us

“As we’ve made plans for a podcast to support Oceans 2050 and our mission to restore our Oceans to abundance by 2050, everyone at Voxtopica has been incredibly supportive. Their planning and messaging guidance has been extremely helpful to our efforts, providing key insights and creative ideas throughout the process. And they are fun to work with”

Alexandra Cousteau

President, Oceans 20

“You can’t realize how much work goes into making a podcast until you do it yourself. As work got busier and busier, Voxtopica made it easier for us to do a weekly show despite all the demands of our jobs and lives by streamlining the process and maximizing how we used our time.”

Kristen Soltis Anderson

co-host of The Pollsters

“As our show grew and our work responsibilities grew, we started to run out of bandwidth to handle the production in the way our audience deserved. Voxtopica made our audio better and easier and helped strategize ways to improve the content, workflow, and marketing. They would be a great fit for any part of a podcast’s lifecycle.”

Margie Omero

co-host of The Pollsters

“We’ve been working with the team at Voxtopica for more than two years to produce our show. Their technical expertise and ongoing recommendations have helped us grow our audience exponentially, while also creating a quality platform for us to communicate critical information to key audiences in real-time, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Chip Kahn

PCEO, Federation of American Hospitals

Podcast Articles

  • Refresh your podcast to keep listeners engaged.

    Refresh your podcast to keep listeners engaged.

    Keeping listeners engaged can be a challenge when podcasting becomes repetitive, mundane, or stuck in a rut. Maybe your podcast’s audience has plateaued; the numbers aren’t going down…but they aren’t going up, either. You may be wondering whether your show is as compelling as it could be, but aren’t sure how to make it better. Ruts happen. […]

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  • Why Authenticity Matters in Podcasts

    Why Authenticity Matters in Podcasts

    I settled in to start laundry and wash dishes. I didn’t mind though 一 it was podcast time. Even better, my favorite podcast should have released its weekly episode by now, which meant it would be ready to entertain me as I trudged through chores. I opened my podcast app, but the episode wasn’t there. […]

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  • Plagiarism in Podcasting

    Plagiarism in Podcasting

    Plagiarism in podcasting is not only possible – it’s a reality. In this post we look at a real-life example of podcast plagiarism, how it happened, and what you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

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