Here at Voxtopica, we’re passionate about great-sounding podcasts. We offer the most advanced services available to help your podcast be the best it can be. That’s why we’ve created Voxtopica Digital Studios — to provide everyone with state-of-the-art remote recording technology that features in-studio sound quality and capabilities. Voxtopica Digital Studios includes:

  • A dedicated recording environment branded with your show’s name and cover art.
  • Up to 8 recorded participants.
  • Up to 5 unrecorded “producers” who are on-screen and can talk to participants without being recorded.
  • Simplified access links for hosts, producers, and guests.
  • Video recording of participants, as separate video files (for easy editing).
  • Screen sharing within the recording environment.

In addition to these best-in-class features, your Digital Studio offers more opportunities for your digital and video content, including podcasts, webinars, online classes, and other virtual events. With your Digital Studio you also get:

  • Livestream your podcast and virtual events to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Virtual audience of up to 1,000 people, with live chat capabilities
  • Move audience members into the recording environment to ask questions or join the discussion, then move them back to the audience
  • Play videos, audio clips, music, and more in real time during recording and live-streaming.

Find out how you can get your own Digital Studio for as little as $100 per month!