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Your audience is busy.
Keep them engaged.


A recent YouGov study found that more than half listen to a podcast at least once a month, and 30 percent listen at least once a week.

For subject matter experts, this should clearly indicate that you must keep your listeners engaged throughout your show. They are multitasking, so the moment your podcast stops actively engaging your listeners, they stop actively listening.

The audience is the most critical factor to your podcast’s success. In our latest post, Your audience is busy. Keep them engaged, we discuss what an engaged audience looks like – and what the signifiers of an enaged audience look like – all the while respecting listeners so they get the most out of every episode.


Happy Women's History Month!

The women at Voxtopica are making waves in history by using their skills to tell powerful stories that impact listeners everywhere.

Here's what they're bringing to the table:

Laura Krebs keeps us on track and on time. With her mastery of operations and production, everyone is empowered to do the hard work it takes to develop powerful podcasts.

Cassidy Butler is telling stories that connect and move people. With her story development and writing skills, Cassidy helps our clients craft compelling podcast episodes that engage the right people to action.

With her research and data collection skills, Alya Fawal is making the world a more organized and streamlined place. Without Alya, the fine details of creating a podcast and running a business would be lost.

Caroline Cooper is a storytelling expert. With her years of experience in production, Caroline is helping podcasters tell the most captivating stories that will connect most with listeners.

Bethany Brookshire makes science come alive. With her science journalism expertise, Bethany finds stories in science that connect to the humanity in us all.

Making high-quality, engaging audio content for brands.

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